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Catatan Warna Sukabumi

The vibrant hues that adorn the Sukabumi region, derived from its bountiful mining sites, while delicately shedding light on the duality of its impact on the land.

Warm earthy tones dominate the landscape, reminiscent of the fertile soil that sustains life and supports the thriving flora and fauna. Verdant greens, ochre yellows, and rustic browns blend harmoniously, showcasing the region's innate beauty and its life-giving nature.

Yet, in the periphery of the artwork, a subtle shift in colors unveils the shadows of exploitation. Hints of somber greys and charcoal blacks appear, subtly signifying the impact of mining activities on the land. While the region's resources have been a source of prosperity, the delicate balance between nature and human intervention is disrupted, leading to a reflection on the challenges of sustainable practices.

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