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Nidiya Ceramic Micro Fungus 1.png

The artwork is inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by repairing the broken places with lacquer sprinkled or mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. Instead of using gold "kin" (金), it use fungus/microorganism "kin"(菌) these two words are pronounced the same but written in different kanji.

The concept of kinstugi From 金 (kin, “gold”) + 継ぎ (tsugi, “repairing, mending; joining”) but

this kinstugi from 菌 (kin, "fungus/bacteria/microorganism") + 継ぎ (tsugi, “joining”)

At the heart of the composition lie the broken ceramics, fractured and vulnerable, awaiting their renewal. The cracks, once seen as imperfections, now become an integral part of the artwork's narrative. Here, the we embraces the inherent beauty of impermanence, appreciating the journey of these ceramics and their potential to transform. Celebrates the concept of harmonious coexistence, where nature's resilience collaborates with human artistry.

菌継ぎ Terra Kultur is a collaboration project with Craft Ceramic Department Institute Technology of Bandung

Nidiya Ceramic Micro Fungus 3.png
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