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An experimental work of pattern formation of natural earth pigment on paper 

as a respond for Schwebezustand / “The State of Floating” / The in between moment

"Cosmic Confluence: Earth Pigment Patterns" stands as a testament to the magnificence of the natural world and the harmony of its elements. Through this artwork, I am inviting to embark on a journey of wonder and introspection, embracing the ephemeral beauty of life's unique moments, just like the intricate and ever-changing patterns born from earth pigments meeting the water.

Universes in a Drop of Ink
As the ink is gently dropped, it unfolds into a mesmerizing display of floating and expanding patterns. Each tiny ink droplet gives birth to its own universe, like galaxies being born in the vast cosmos. The ever-changing forms seem to mirror the cosmic mysteries of the universe itself, where no two planets or stars are ever alike. In this captivating moment, the artwork celebrates the beauty of uniqueness and individuality.

The In-Between Moment

In this ethereal state of floating, the artwork captures a profound "in-between" moment. Neither fully fixed nor completely transient, the pigments hover momentarily, suspended between two worlds. This state of suspension mirrors the delicate balance in life, where moments of change and transformation gracefully interlace, leaving us in awe of nature's boundless wisdom.

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