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Fresh Trash

Utilizing Food Waste as an Alternative Material For Paper and Textile

Dr. Dian Widiawati, M.Sn.,  Prof. Ir. Herman Kresno Dipojono, M.S.E.E., Ph.D.,  Sabrina Ilma Sakina, S.Ds., M.Ds., Nidiya Kusmaya, S.Ds., M.Ds.

Food is a basic human need. However, the current lifestyle causes humans to dispose of a large number of food materials. Despite that material still being in a decent state. UNDP sustainable goals for 2030 has stated that each year globally approximately 1.3 billion tons of food material is discarded. This amount can come from either post-consumer material or agricultural waste. it is often said that one's waste can be another's treasure. This rings true within the tale of food waste, as it is very much feasible to obtain usable fibres from this type of waste. The fibres then can be processed into textile materials, as shown in this research.


Using art as a medium platform, allows us to build a discourse around this idea can generate more attention towards food and agricultural waste, thus providing a platform to create a better future.

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