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Inspired by spots and stains caused by microfungus on textile at humid area, I see that there’s a value of recognizing the devoid of living things—people that might considered as unnoticed living organism or neglected, or even avoid to. I wonder that there must be something meaningful in that such desolated environment. I see the reflection of that value I wanted to figure out in the form of the unnoticed living organism, such as microfungus and bacteria.

This strong connection between nature and being alive, brought me to put the object of living thing as the partner of mine to create the mark of my vision. During their lifetime, microorganism produce pigment, they always left a stain to show their existence.

This connection show my interest to make it as the main idea; Microorganism left the stain that has a meaning below that, they have their own characteristic which has not been told in another form beside science. In their actual activity, they have their own speed, their own way to communicate, which in unseen by human sight, which is we have just to feel. They need to be discovered, they needs to be the part of the journey, the history.

colour is grown by utilizing kitchen waste materials such as rice, bread and protein from leftover meat and bones as a living medium for micro-organisms.

Experiment Result

This research applied microfarming technique to produce natural color for textiles coloring process, rather than applied conventional farming technique to grow plants  that will cost far more expensive in taking care of the plants cultivation, water and fertilizer needs, hire the workers etc. Microfarming as an idea of alternative coloring process for textile in more efficient way; narrow space and less water needs, fertilizer and mordant free, easy and fast to grow.

​Monascorubramine Series

Prodigiosin Series

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