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Poster berburu dan meramu nidiya kusmaya

Berburu dan Meramu means Hunting and gathering were times when humans experimented with different foods in order to survive. A period of adventurous to try new things, which later became one of the starting points for an invention.

This process is still relevant today, as the process of search for better materials is carried out in the midst of the modern availability of industrial synthetic materials, which have many negative environmental effects during the manufacturing process. The search for alternative materials for more environmentally friendly dyes must be conducted, considering that the textile dyeing process is the world's second-largest contributor to pollution.

The hunt for alternative dye materials for textiles takes place in nearby locations ranging from kitchens to markets to gardens. This location generates a lot of residual waste that is discarded; with this leftover material, Nidiya creates beautiful colours that are applied to the fabric.

These colors are the result of a dialogue process in which understanding is built in each material discovered in order to bring out the uniqueness of each material. Unexpected colors with strong personalities emerge, each with a connection to the place and culture where they are created.

Berburu dan Meramu Tour Singkat

Berburu dan Meramu Exhibition.jpg
Sayur Asem.jpg
Warna Sayur asem.jpg

Shades of Sayur Asem

Rambutan's colour.jpg
Rambutan's Colour 1.jpg
Rambutan's shades.jpg

Shades of Rambutan's skin

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