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Poster berburu dan meramu nidiya kusmaya

Exploring Nature's Palette


"This artistic journey, delves into the ancient practices of hunting and gathering as a source of inspiration for modern innovation. In a world where synthetic materials dominate, the quest for eco-friendly textile dyes continues, acknowledging the textile industry's significant environmental impact. Artist Nidiya embarks on a search for alternative dye materials in everyday locations like kitchens, markets, and gardens, transforming discarded remnants into vibrant hues. Through a captivating dialogue with each material, unexpected colors with rich cultural and geographical connections emerge, showcasing the profound beauty of sustainable creativity."

Berburu dan Meramu Tour Singkat

Berburu dan Meramu Exhibition.jpg
Sayur Asem.jpg
Warna Sayur asem.jpg

Shades of Sayur Asem

Rambutan's colour.jpg
Rambutan's Colour 1.jpg
Rambutan's shades.jpg

Shades of Rambutan's skin

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